My staff is skilled in professional grooming techniques for dogs and understand the particular grooming needs of different breeds.
My shop includes an adjustable grooming table, bathing tub with entry ramp, temperature-sensitive dryers, and hypoallergenic, natural, and anti-shedding shampoos.
Part of my grooming service is to check the condition of your pet’s skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth, and I can alert you to symptoms of common medical problems so you can consult with your vet early on.  Regular grooming keeps your pet healthy and looking nice!

 Grooming Services: All dogs that enter my shop will receive a standard service which includes:

3 baths:

1st bath is a degrease dander remover
2nd bath is done once coat and skin type is determined and then an appropriate shampoo is used.
3rd bath is a deep conditioning and deshedder.

  • Whole body clipping if necessary and or deshedded with the ferminator.
  • Anal glands are released if necessary.
  • Teeth are brushed.
  • Ears are cleaned and plucked.
  • Eyes are cleaned.
  • Nails are clipped plus the hair is removed between their footpads.








How often should my pet be groomed?
That depends on the type/condition of your pet’s coat but a general time frame is anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks. Many people have their pet groomed every other week or even every week.

How long will it take to groom my pet?
We try to work around your schedule as best as possible. We don’t give you a set time that you need to bring your pet in but the earlier you arrive, the earlier we can get it home to you.

Do you use medicated or hypoallergenic shampoos?
Yes, we have a variety of shampoos. Which one we use is based upon your pet’s skin. We bathe all of our pets twice. First bath is to get all of the dirt out of the coat and the second one will be with one of our special shampoos.

Do you do teeth cleaning?
We do teeth brushing. If your pet has a great deal of plaque on their teeth and their gums are red and irritated, then they need to be seen by a veterinarian.